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Style# 021306-3733RE

18K Rose Gold Chandelier Ruby Earrings

Ruby 22.19ct

Diamond 2.45 ct

Gold 22.0g



18K White Gold

Ruby 5.2 ct

Diamond 0.44 ct Dangling Earrings  L43xW12mm



18K Black Gold

Ruby 3.3 ct  Climber Earrings L21xW10mm

Gold 4.2g


18K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Climber Earrings
Ruby 2.7 ct
Diamond 0.44ct
Gold 10.0g        $1,836



18K White Gold

Ruby 2.16 ct

Diamond 0.3 ct Chandelier Earrings   L35.5xW18.5mm

Gold 4.4




Ruby 3.46ct  (21mm)

18K White Gold 11.0g


Ruby Hoops 19.16ct

18K Yellow Gold 29.0g


Rubies 11.50ct

18K Yellow Gold 8.5g


Ruby 5.96ct

Diamond 5.56ct

18K White Gold 19.0g


Ruby 3.2ct

Diamond 2.8ct

18K White Gold 14.0g


Ruby 5.86ct

Diamond 1.94ct

18K Yellow Gold 16.5g





Ruby Hoops 6.5ct

18K White Gold 9.5g






18K White Gold

Ruby 3.7 ct

Diamond 0.64 ct

Dangling Earring L34xW10.5mm

Gold 3.6g   $1,960


18K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Hoops 47mm

Ruby 5.3 ct Diamond 3.64ct

Gold 19.5g





18K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Earrings

Ruby 12.4 ct Diamond 4.06ct

Gold 6.0g    
























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