18K White Gold Coral 10x14 mm
, Emerald 0.67 ct
Champgane Diamond 0.46 ct
Gold 6.2g






18K Yellow Gold Coral Emerald and Diamond Ring

Coral 2.0 g

Emerald 1.5 ct

Diamond 1.05 ct

Gold 6.5g      Size 7






Muti-Color Sapphires 2.25ct

Diamond 0.2ct

18K Yellow Gold 6.5g






Muti-Color Sapphire 4.0ct

Diamond 0.75ct

18K White Gold 7.5g



Muti-Color Sapphires 1.0ct

Diamond 0.3 ct

18K Yellow Gold 4.5g


Muti-Color Sapphire 1.1ct

Diamond 0.06ct

18K Yellow Gold 5.0g


Muti-color Sapphires 1.05ct

Diamond 0.6ct

18K Black Gold 6.0g


Ruby 2.2ct

Pink Sapphire 0.9ct

Diamond 0.9ct

18K White Gold 11.0g


Muti-Color Sapphires 1.1Ct

Diamond 0.8ct

18K Black Gold 7.5g


Muti-Color Sapphires 1.85ct

Diamond 0.85ct

18K White Gold 5.5g



Tanzanite, Emerald and Diamond Ring
Tanzanite 1.6ct (18x13.5)
Emerald  0.8ct
Diamond 0.5 ct
Gold 4.0g


Tourmaline 2.54ct Citrine 2.06ct

Diamond 0.6ct

18K White Gold 5.5g



18K White Gold

Emerald 2.5 ct

Tanzanite 0.8 ct

Diamond 1.05 ct

Gold 6.0g  Size 7

Muti-Color Gems Ring

18K Emeralds,Sapphires and Diamonds Yellow Gold Ring


Emerald 9.3ct  Sapphire 6.0ct

Diamonds 1.95ct Gold 15g

Size 7 1/2 $4,500



Tourmaline 3.3ct Amethyst 3.0ct

Diamond 2.3 ct

18K Rose Gold 9.5g


Garnet 6.4ct Amethyst 3.0ct

Pink Amethyst 3.0ct

Diamond 0.22ct

14K Rose gold 5.29g



Green Amethyst 1.68ct

Blue Topaz 1.1ct

Multi Color gems 0.83ct

14K White Gold 3.6g