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18K Yellow Gold Garnet & Diamond Ring Style#380027

Garnet 1.18ct Diamond 0.09ct

Gold 1.5g  Size 7 1/4  $274



18K  Rose Gold Princess cut  Rhodolite Garnet ring


Rhodolite Garnet 1.37ct

Diamonds 0.02ct Gold 1.4g

Size 7 1/4    $280

18K White Gold 8mm Roud Brilliant cut Garnet and Diamonds ring Style#380042

Garnet 2.8 ct Diamonds 0.06ct

Gold 1.6g 

size 7 1/4   $290


Garnet 1.82ct

Diamond 0.05ct

14KY 2.36





Garnet 3.02 ct

Diamond 0.05ct

14K White Gold 3.12g





Garnet 4.25ct

Diamond 0.07ct

14K White Gold 1.54g



Garnet 3.52ct

Diamond 0.07ct

14K White Gold 2.13g



Garnet 3.5ct

Diamond 0.04ct

18K white gold 3.5g



Garnet 4.61ct

Diamond 0.13ct

14K Yellow Gold 3.23



Garnet 1.23ct

Diamond 0.12ct

14K white gold 3.12 g



Garnet 1.25ct

Diamond 0.09ct

14KW 2.93g



Garnet 1.42ct

Diamond 0.1ct

14KW 1.16g



Garnet 1.2ct

Diamond 1.2ct

14KW 2.35g



Garnet 1.65ct

Diamond 0.06ct

18KW 2.0g



Garnet 1.19ct

Diamond 0.13ct

14K White 2.48g





Green Garnet ( Tsavorite ) 0.4ct

Diamond 0.25ct

18K White Gold 2.9g



Garnet 1.7ct

Diamond 0.07ct

14K White Gold 1.98g



Garnet 2.2ct

Diamond 0.04ct

14K White Gold 1.65g